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Still early days to consider cashing in your pension policy
Her Majesty's Government have produced a very good informative document on the ins and outs of cashing in ones pension, and we must now wait and see what legislation they pass to enable the establishment of an orderly secondhand market. The earliest this is likely to be is April 2017, and over the c...Read more
Cash in your (in)vested annuity
Although the Chancellor has indicated he is in favour of lifting the legal shackles on pensioners currently locked into existing pension schemes, and has indicated the details will most likely be revealed in the forthcoming 2016 Budget, with implementation some 12 months thereafter.
One of the grea...Read more
Traded endowment and whole life policies as an alternative asset class
Given the financial strength, and credit rating of the leading assurance companies no wonder investors are once again looking to seek out suitable traded policies, for mid to long term investment, as an alternative mix to property, and stocks and shares.
Given, also, the generous investment climate...Read more
Sell a Pension policy
Brand new legislation enables the over 55's to consider taking cash from their accumulated pension pot,and thereby avoiding the necessity of taking out a compulsory annuity.
Obviously, safeguards are called for, and the tax implications, need to be factored into any future scheme of arrangement.
P...Read more
Is the traditional "with profit" endowment policy making a comeback?
Possibly - is the short answer- particularly for policies maturing after 2015 being 25 years after the property boom of the late "eighties" when an enormous number of endowment linked mortgages were sold by Building Societies. After maturity payouts for this raft of policies, the remainder should p...Read more
Royal London,Ecclesiastical,& Co-op
The first two Companies in the heading above seem to have put in a creditable 12 month performance,which long term should benefit policyholders once the present financial crisis has passed over, which it surely will. The Co-op results are harder to define, as they now appear to be wrapped up within...Read more
Our current buying stance July 2012
We are currently only interested in viewing with profit endowment and whole of life policies issued by the existing Mutual Soceitys' which include the likes of the Co-op, Royal London, National Farmers Union etc.

The following list provides further details:-

Royal London/Refuge/...Read more
Equitable Life
We were delighted to hear Equitable Life are considering entering the closed fund market {aka the zombie field} and we will be following their future moves with interest....Read more
A Happy New Year to all our Users
The traded endowment and whole of life market has virtually dried up, and as a result we are severely curtailing the nunber of offers we make.
However, in the near future we shall be tracking and reporting on the fortunes or otherwise, of the specialist companies now managing closed endowment funds...Read more
Equitable Life again!!!
We are pleased to see the Government have at last dealt with previous shortcomings, albeit on a limited basis, but the fight continues for those left out of the equation.

Maybe just as important certainly for existing with profit policyholders is the declaration of an increase to bonuses, which i...Read more
Equitable Life
We hope Honor Blackman fighting for the rights of Equitable policyholders is as successful as Joanna Lumley was fighting for the Gurkhas, and we wish her luck. ...Read more
Thinking of buying a Traded Endowment Policy?
If you are - then all you should be concentrating on is the consolidated value of the guaranteed sum assured, and bonuses allocated to date, minus the future premiums still to pay. Ideally the net total should be more than the purchase price being asked for the policy, which these days will be abo...Read more
Disappointed with Legal & General?
We are!
For a Company that paid out bonuses throughout two world wars, to now cut dividends to shareholders beggars belief.
We know good reasons are given for the reduction i.e. - change of accounting practices etc. but for a Company that relies on dividends from investments to underwrite life and...Read more
Aviva Alert
This is just a reminder for those policyholders thinking of accepting the windfall bonus promised by this Group, to submit the necessary claim forms in good time.
For further details visit the following link....Read more
Offer to buy Friends Provident by Resolution
Our first reaction is to pose the question how will this effect "with profit" policyholders?
Probably not very much as the main fund has been a closed fund for some time now, and will obviously continue to be so, and may benefit from lower overheads, but at this stage, that comment is too clever by...Read more
Who's still buying traded endowments?
The short answer is we are.

With the onslaught of the credit crunch, nearly all of the big German Banks have stopped buying TEPS for their investment funds, with the ongoing effect, purchases of endowment policies have slowed to a trickle.

We are looking for good quality endowment policies, is...Read more
British Life Assurers
British and European Life Assurers
If the Regulators and Credit Reference agencies are to be believed.................Read more
Legal & General dividend cut
Perceived wisdom historically tells us stock market success is all about reinvesting earnings from dividends, so why therefore did this Company recently cut its dividend. We are told by the L&G management because of the need to preserve capital to maintain solvency margins, which is exemplary and ne...Read more
Traded endowments for sale
Why are German Fund Managers still keen on buying our discredited unloved "with profit" endowment policies?
Well to state the obvious with the euro almost one to one with the pound they can buy more for their money, but we suspect, there is still nothing like the old fashioned "with profit" fund to...Read more
Inherited Estates
Two years ago we questioned the wisdom of considering the distribution of orphan funds held by a few of the majors namely Prudential, and the Aviva Group, in particular, so it was no surprise to learn Aviva have called a halt to negotiations, in the midst of the current recession.
The good news is,...Read more
How will my endowment policy be effected by the credit crunch?
The short answer is no-one knows for certain what the outcome will be. and as the Chinese philosopher who was asked to comment last year on the French Revolution was heard to remark "it is still too early to say"
However, looking into the crystal ball we expect "with profit" funds to take a hit in ...Read more
Scottish Widows | Clerical Medical
Now that the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds TSB is virtually a done deal, what will happen to these two famous and long established Life Assurers?
Clerical Medical gave up their mutuality to HBOS some years ago, at roughly the same time Scottish Widows was acquired by Lloyds TSB during the period when ...Read more
A near miss for Standard Life?
It is being said Standard Life are lucky they were unsuccessful in their attempt to take over the closed fund business of Resolution Life last year for many billions of pounds, which would no doubt look a bit sick on their balance sheet today.
Nevertheless, judging by the recent bonus payouts of s...Read more
A provocative thought - who hedges the hedgers?
Aviva owners of Norwich Union and others have in response to FSA supervision of Assurers solvency margins in the wake of the credit crunch have declared even after allowing for a 40% drop in asset values they would still have a sizeable surplus, over and above, any required margin, and in addition t...Read more
Zombie Funds re-visited

Zombie Funds

Is it possible these funds might just be coming into their own?

As we see it, the investment managers have no interest in making these closed funds perform, and as a consequence have invested in staid Government Gilts, Corporate Bonds etc. with the result in these troubled times...Read more
Good news for Prudential "with profit" policyholders
According to a Prudential spokesman their "with profit" fund has increased in value by 91% over the past 5 years ending 2007. Bonus payouts do not reflect this stunning performance, and in the present financial climate then naturally we expect the fund to be much reduced in value, but measuring payo...Read more
Clerical Medical and Scottish Widows
Behind the scenes of the HBOS and Lloyds TSB merger, two other famous names in the shape of Clerical Medical and Scottish Widows may find themselves merging. In the nineties, just to remind everyone, the High Street Banks devoured many of the well known Insurance Companies, and these two in particul...Read more
"With profit" payouts
It certainly looks as though the credit crunch is taking its toll on the "with profit funds" generally, and has dispelled the myth of smoothing being the mechanism of holding back profits from the good days and paying out in the bad days, thereby producing over a 25 year period a similar return for ...Read more
Standard Life and Legal & General do well for shareholders.
Both companies in the face of global adversity appear to have enhanced their respective business's for the benefit of shareholders, so let's hope they have done just as well for their long suffering "with profit" policyholders, when the time comes to allocate bonuses.
Of course, many Standard Life ...Read more
Commercial Union and General Accident re-attribution payout
The BBC have a very good article on this subject which may be accessed from the undernoted link....Read more
Winners and losers
Who would want to be a "with profit" policyholder these days? There was a time when you could give a Life Company your money, and rest assured in 25 years time you would get it back with a nice little bonus, and in the meantime you would be covered for life assurance.
Now, you have to very careful...Read more
Prudential and Royal London policies in demand
In the last couple of weeks we have been approached by keen investors to purchase policies in the above Companies. Do they know something we do n't know?

We doubt it, because it is common knowledge Royal London are sitting on a large Inherited Estate, and Prudential also, but perhaps more import...Read more
Possible merger /takeover between Standard Life and Friends Provident
What a good idea! We perceive both these Companies have a similar business philosophy, and a joint operation should fit together nicely! That is not to say their respective computer systems will be compatible but what the heck, why should that worry anyone?
Turning now to a serious note major Assur...Read more
Inherited estates and mis-selling compensation
Is the FSA right in telling "with profit" fund managers it is no longer acceptable to be paying compensation claims out of orphan funds? A distinction is made between Proprietary and Mutual Companies for obvious reasons, but where will it all end? The reasoning is to punish Managers and Shareholders...Read more
Reattribution windfall bonus at Prudential
Inherited Estate - clarification
The companies within the Aviva group consisting of Commercial Union, Provident Mutual, and Norwich Union, all have funds to distribute when the formula has been agreed with the Policy Advocate. However,only Norwich Union policyholders who effected policies after the year 2000 will be entitled to an...Read more
Viva Aviva - good news on the inherited estate payout
Contrary to our bulletin earlier this month it rather looks as if progress has been made in negotiations with the Policyhoder Advocate - Claire Spottiswoode, and roughly half of the perceived inherited estate is to be distributed over the next three years to "with profit" bond, pension, and life pol...Read more
Orphan Funds, Inherited Estate, or just plain Re-attribution of cash
We gather in the cases of Aviva and Prudential the shelling out of surplus cash to policyholders has stalled somewhat, as the Companies and the installed Policy Advocates are unable to agree an equitable split.
The "with profit policyholders are looking for 90% of the surplus funds to be paid to th...Read more
Friends Provident woes
What a sorry state this once proud Quaker founded company now finds itself in!
Despite, de-mutualising some years ago, and issuing shares at 230p each, which are now languishing at 163p, and having failed to tie up with Resolution Life at the end of 2007, they are now having to contemplate selling ...Read more
Happy Xmas and Prosperous 2008 to all our subscribers.
Zombie Fund consolodation
Now that Resolution LIfe have been taken over by the Pearl Group at the last count we came up with the following names of closed funds all under one roof, and they are:

National Provident Mutual
London Life
Australian Mutual

Newly added:_

Century Life
...Read more
New Capital Gains Tax regime
Over the years traded endowments have been extensivley purchased by UK individuals to take advantage of annual CGT personal allowances. However now, because of changing circumstances holders of Traded Endowments may wish to review
their portfolios, and we are in a position to make attractive offer...Read more
Lost Norwich Union, Scottish Union, and Yorkshire Insurance Company policyholders.
Famous names - Hot pot
Where will it all end? We have Resolution Life seeking to merge with Friends Provident, and then we have the Pearl Group teaming up with Royal London trying to takeover Resolution prior to the successful merger outcome. On top of that we have Standard Life and Swiss Re. threatening to make a bid fo...Read more
Norwich Union - inherited estate
We assume this also includes all the other Companies within the Aviva Group, namely General Accident, Commercial Union, Provident Mutual, etc., and we learn any distribution of the inherited estate is now likely to be deferred until 2008, and policyholders may track progress at www.policyholderadvoc...Read more
Traded endowments perfect for inclusion in a SIPP
Although yet again we repeat ourselves, with all the turmoil in the stock markets of the world, who would want the uncertaintity of cashing in ones retirement fund today? This is where Teps comes into their own. Take the good example from our current sales list of our reference 87788 a Prudential po...Read more
Standard Life and Prudential
Both Companies have reported good first half year results, and whilst this usually means shareholders will benefit the most, in the case of Standard Life they have indicated their "with profit" fund is in good shape, and have slightly increased terminal bonuses, and they also feel confident enough t...Read more
Resolution Life/Friends Provident takeover or merger?
It seems strange only a few years ago Friends Provident de-mutualised in order to gain a stock market listing, and one imagines access to cash and/or credit, and now we learn the merger with Resolution Life is a good thing because surplus funds are avaliable from this source to finance expansion. N...Read more
A Royal merger
It is muted Royal London and Royal Liver will merge their operations, and we see only benefits in a such a move. However, we hope those responsible for making the final decision will bear in mind the inherited estate of both funds which in both cases should be considerable owing to the length of tim...Read more
Cashing in your endowment?
Should you cash in your endowment or borrow against it? To get the sums right you will need to consult an IFA armed with all the salient facts regarding your personal situation, but the following pointers will aim you in the right direction.
Usually you can advantageously borrow from your own Assur...Read more
The war of re-attribution steps up!
Inheritance Tax Lottery
For once everyone sems to agree there is considerable uncertainty regarding the application of inheritance tax on life assurance policies set up specifically to avoid or mitigate this tax.
One thing seems certain all those policies particularly whole of life policies established in the 60's and 7...Read more
Announcement concerning all Norwich Union, Commercial Union, General Accident, and Provident Mutual, policyholders.
Aviva Group the parent company of all the above mentioned companies have announced they wish to divest themselves of their inherited estate also known as orphan assets. Because it is unclear who these assets belong to in the first place, and in what proportion they should be distributed to policyho...Read more
Self invested pension plans (SIPPS and SSAS)
For many years now we have been extolling the virtues of using traded endowment policies within the "do it yourself" pension schemes now readily available to all and sundry. Why?
Well first of all, pension scheme fund managers have not fared particularly well at looking after our long term savings,...Read more
A Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone
As active buyers of "with profit" endowment, and whole of life policies, in particular those policiess issued by such Companies as Prudential, Clerical Medical, Norwich Union, and Royal London, to name but a few, we are looking forward to a busy 2007. Although our own preference will be for policies...Read more
The Prudential does it again!
We are delighted to be able to report the Prudential once again have increased their terminal bonus rates, thereby making themselves one of the best "with profit" perfomers in the UK. Full marks to their investment managers.
The hope is this excellent performance, will further work in their favour...Read more
Friends Provident demutualisation windfall deadline
More than 100,000 Friends Provident policyholders have yet to claim their windfall entitlement to either free shares or cash if they are overseas residents. Policyholders who think they may be eligible for a free distribution are invited to telephone the Company on 0845 070 1170...Read more
Public Service Announcement
Because this website is accesssed from all over the world, we feel it is right and proper to broadcast to all Standard Life "with profit" policyholders that if they have not claimed their free issue of shares following demutualisation then they should now do so.
Apparantly 270,000 qualifying policy...Read more
Resolution Life
This is the new stock market listed group that has bought up the closed funds of many famous names, including Britannic, Royal and Sun Alliance, and latterly Scottish Provident, and Scottish Mutual out of the Abbey National stable.

It looks as if they are thinking of marketing their own original ...Read more
Scottish Widows in the news?
We have heard Lloyds TSB would like to pass the parcel on this one, and that a Swiss Group have been sniffing around, but that's all we have heard, so if anyone has more news please feel free to let us know....Read more
Standard Life - Surrender value - Alert
Following a bonus reduction notification yesterday the 3rd August, policyholders should be aware that surrender values have in all probabilty also been altered, so before submitting policies for valuation, a fresh surrender value should be obtained.

It would appear our chrystal ball gazing a shor...Read more
Keep the shares sell the endowment policy!
As we thought Standard Life policyholders are voting with their feet, and offering their policies for sale at a volume we have never seen before. Fortunatley we have exit routes for a lot of these policies, so please keep them coming!...Read more
Closed Funds Review
With more "with profit" funds closing for new business, it is now estmated they account for 15% of the total endowment market, so it is obviously becoming an important niche sector, and whilst Resolution Life maintain a fairly high profile on a day to day basis, not much is heard about Life Company ...Read more
Sell or surrender your Endowment policy?
Anyone thinking of surrendering a "with profit" policy should always look at the alternative, of selling into the traded endowment market, with the strong possibilty of realising extra value.

Because of the state of the market good offers are being found for policies maturing 14-16 years hence, s...Read more
Closed funds update
Royal and Sun Alliance policies are now being activley bought in the second hand market, so it would appear new owners Resolution Life are perceived to be releasing added value to these contracts, which can only be good news all round.

There has also been a subtle change in the running of these ...Read more
Orphan funds!
"With profit" policy returns versus shares
The shares in Lloyds TSB the owners of Scottish Widows are currently yielding a gross 6.5% whereas an average return on a Scottish Widows "with profit" policy is in the 2% to 3% bracket.

Something similar can be found at Friends Provident where the shares are yielding currently 4.5%, so we shall ...Read more
Standard Life whereto now?
Following an overwhelming majority vote in favour of demutualisation it is almost certain Standard Life are set to join the FTSE100 in the very near future.
If experience of other companies is to be heeded then hanging on to "with profit" contracts may not be the best thing to do, unless of course...Read more
Current flavour of the month
We are currently very keen to buy policies maturing in the years 2018,2019,2020 and 2021, and accordingly we are able to make firm offers with attractive prices

In particular we would prefer Co-op, Prudential, Norwich Union, Royal London and Britannic policies, but we are more than happy to look ...Read more
Standard Life flotation
From what we have seen the share allocation appears to be fair and reasonable, with a few anomalies obviously appearing in such a large handout, and therefore it is assumed the recomended flotation will happen, and Standard Life will become a PLC.
We are now being asked what shall we do with our sh...Read more
Attention all Standard Life Endowment Policyholders
Any Standard Life policyholder thinking of surrendering or selling their policy should now wait until just after Easter when they should receive a demutualisation voting pack, which will also outline how the Company is doing, and how much they can expect to receive.

The moment of truth is upon us...Read more
A plethora of news in the weekend papers
It has been rumoured for some time the "Pru" was in play for a takeover, and it has finally happened with Aviva throwing their hat into the ring, and it would appear this may stimulate AXA and AIG to follow suit.
However, our primary concern being a TEP site, is solely, who will look after the endo...Read more
Standard Life Endowment Policyholders
Ahead of the demutualisation programme destined for the middle of this year, we would suggest policyholders should visit www.raise-the-standard.co.uk for an in depth insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and if in agreement with the action being taken lend their support....Read more
Equitable Life case referred to Brussels
Now this long running saga has been referred to Brussels are we likely to get a result for the much beleagured "with profit" endowment and pension scheme holders?

We wonder with the benefit of hindsight whether the European judiciary will come to the conclusion that seven years ago it would have ...Read more
Endowment bonuses improve
At last we are seeing endowment policy bonus increases albeit modestly, but an increase nevertheless. Long may it continue!

Without revisiting the old dogma associated with the "with profit" ethos it now looks as if the major players in the shape of the Norwich Union, Prudential, et al, who are c...Read more
Standard Life again!
First of all a warning to those qualifying policyholders/members if you have not registered your interest with Standard Life you may lose out on demutualisation benefits, so whilst the payout may not be huge, you might as well have what's going!!
It seems a special General Meeting is to be called f...Read more
We wish our users a Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year
Between Xmas and the New Year we will be processing new enquiries for people wishing to sell endowment policies, but offers and rejections will not be notified until the 4th January, when we expect all the world to be back at work, albeit somewhat jaded!...Read more
Vulture fund - performance?
Sun Alliance part of the new Resolution Group have recently declared their forthcoming bonus structure for 2004, and disappointingly show a small reduction overall, in contrast to the remainder of the market which is reflecting small increases, as to be expected in the current bull market.
We hope ...Read more
Three cheers for the Pru!
To paraphrase Kipling, with all about them cutting bonus rates the Prudential have bucked the trend, and announced new bonus rates for 2006.

The benchmark 25 year endowment policy shows an increased payout of nearly 2% which in this low interest rate climate is excellent news, and we hope heralds...Read more
Teps for Sipps
Cutting through the jargon we have long thought traded endowments policies (Teps) were perfect for inclusion within a Self Invested Personal Pension (Sipps) wrapper.

The endowment fund market is strenghtening and one thing is for sure if on say a Pru or Norwich Union policy or any of the other ma...Read more
Three cheers for the Pru!
To paraphrase Kipling, with all about them cutting bonus rates the Prudential have bucked the trend, and announced new bonus rates for 2006.

The benchmark 25 year endowment policy shows an increased payout of nearly 2% which in this low interest rate climate is excellent news, and we hope heralds...Read more
Bonus rates -which way now?
Up until now we had been optimistic that endowment policy bonus rates had levelled out, and with the worldwide economic boom powered by China, there would be no call to further adjust rates downwards.

However, this is still happening, and last week the Co-op reduced their bonus rates which we fou...Read more
Should you sell your Standard Life endowment policy ahead of de-mutualisation?
Latest thinking seems to suggest you would be no worse off selling now rather than hanging on for the so called demutualisation benefits, which are likely to be pretty meagre by the time they arrive.

Put very simply, in order to fund the float, "with profit" policyholders will be subsidising the ...Read more
More bonus cuts
Why is it with the FTSE at a three year high, Standard Life, Clerical Medical and Friends Provident, see fit to cut bonuses?

Against that background we have the Norwich Union group and the Prudential gently increasing their bonus rates, and we are beginning to wonder who is getting it right!

W...Read more
Review of Zombie funds asset spread versus active funds
As part of our ongoing committment to studying the performance of the various new zombie funds(closed funds)we portray below a breakdown of approximate asset distribution over the respective classes.

Open funds:

Property 10%
Equities 60%
Fi...Read more
Good news at last from Norwich Union
Zombie Funds
As promised earlier this year we have been following with interest the performance and manouevering of these funds.

So far we remain optimistic they will produce better returns in the long run rather than remaining with their original owners, as they will have economy of size on their side and su...Read more
Endowment Policies wanted
Owing to persistent demand from overseas, we are very keen to purchase suitable endowment policies from those persons looking to sell their endowment policies. Because of this demand we are able to offer above average prices for the right policy, which ideally will be within the maturity range 2010 ...Read more
Good news from the Prudential
This heading was taken from their newspaper advertisment yesterday, and unfortunatley, just goes to show they have better script writers than chefs!!

By that we mean whilst the performance of their endowment "with profit" fund in 2004 has been excellent, but this has not fed through to the bench...Read more
Standard Life endowment bonus results
We now have the results and and we have to admit we were far too optimistic in our speculative article at the end of January. To cut 7% off maturity values at this stage of the bull market is to say the least very disappointing, and with possibly more cuts forecast for the future, so perhaps second-...Read more
Raising the standard at Standard Life
Ahead of tomorrow's bonus annoucement we are reserving judgement on Michael Hogan's new initiative against Standard Life's current Board, just in case they produce bumper results. Secretly we do not expect that to happen and that opens up the way to raise a lot of interesting questions.

In parti...Read more
Features to watch in 2005
We think the mighty Pru may have created a first with the establishment of a "with profits" committee (WPC) to act as a bridge between policyholders and shareholders, a move apparantley recomended by the regulators. Nevertheless a welcome move and to be commended, and we feel certain we shall be tes...Read more
Bounus announcments
So far this year we have details from half a dozen "with profit" companies. Our interpretation of the declarations after applied to real policies taken out before 1994 reflects a very slight reduction of maturity values on flagship 25 year term policies, with no change apparent on longer term polici...Read more
Endowment mis-selling & Compensation
If, for whatever reason, we are unable to make an offer to purchase your endowment policy, would you like us to refer your case to endowment mis-selling specialists for a non obligatory opinion of your policy(ies). It should be understood the information you have provided to us will be passed to "E...Read more
Teps or shares?
One of our friendly competitors is offering a Friends Provident policy for sale showing a 5% return, whereas currently if you bought Friends Provident shares directly you could obtain a yield of 5.4%. Are we missing something here?...Read more
Closed Funds
T.Hazell writing in the Daily Mail does a good job of highlighting the plight of investors locked into closed "with profit" funds, and the perfomance thereof. Early days still for the latest crop of closed fund "managers" to be judged ,but we intend to keep monitoring this area and will bring you u...Read more
Further bonus cuts mid year
Both Standard Life and Clerical Medical have found it necesary to inflict further bonus reductions on long suffering "with profit" policyholders. Obviously in the wallowing stock markets of the world gains and increases to underlying investment funds is difficult to achieve, but surely enough is eno...Read more
Top prices paid for ranking policies
We have recenty paid 38% more than surrender value for a Co-operative policy maturing in 2009.
This not only clearly demonstrates our committment to a fast efficent service. but also putting us at the top of the scale for paying above average prices. Why not try us and find out what we can offer....Read more
Aviva/Norwich Union - Bonus news
Good news. A recent press release from this group confirms the various "with profit " funds within their stable do not need to vary their bonus rates at this time. and will again review the position at the end of 2004. The suggestion also, is, providing the world's stock markets do not decline any...Read more
Prudential still one of our favourites
We are pleased to learn of the Prudential's ongoing commitment to their "with profit" fund policyholders.
Their annual bonuses whilst not over generous, may in this financial climate be considered prudent, and we hope when the tide turns they will know when to switch out of fixed interest bonds and...Read more
Impaired Lives
Recently we have been approached many times by professional advisers for help in liquidating funds tied up in endowment or whole life policies for individuals diagnosed as being terminally ill. The first port of call should be back to the holding Insurance Company because when you think about it, t...Read more
Further bonus cuts
We find it disappointing that market leaders such as the Co-op Assurance and Liverpool Victoria, still find it necessary to further trim bonuses whilst the FTSE is hovering around the 4500 level. There is some suggestion, however, that the stock market recovery is petering out and could fade away to...Read more
Strong buying demand for selected policies
We are experiencing unprecedented demand for "good value" policies which usually means contracts taken out with leading players in the 1970's and mid 80's and in particular whole of life policies effected for death duties or partnership protection.

The message is clear there has never been a bet...Read more
Standard Life de-mutualisation titbits
The latest horror story to emerge, is the disclosuer by the Company that existing annuitants, who have been members of Standard Life pension schemes for many years will not particpate in any windfall payout.

Is this fair? There will no doubt be many other stories like this and we welcome your inp...Read more
Co-op bonus cuts
Should we be surprised?

...Read more
Endowment shortfall and mis-selling
Professional advisers will need to avail themselves of realistic maturity values based on current bonus levels rather than FSA 4%, 6%, and 8% projections, and are therefore invited to log on with policy details to obtain our opinion on any one policy.

...Read more
Selling - Endowments
If any of your clients are thinking of cashing in endowment policies, now is the time to take action, as good prices are being achieved sometimes realising as much as 35% more than surrender value.
Our easy to use online endowment selling form is accessed from the left hand column under "sell an e...Read more
"With profit" funds mismanagement
We liked a recent internet newsgroup article on the endowment scandal.

Instead of picking on individual so called greedy salesmen to blame for the mis-selling scandal the article fundamentally looks at the endowment funds themselves, and poses the question why did the so called long term experts...Read more
Build your own pension
For those of you who are fed up with seeing the value of your pension scheme fall in value, then consider running your own, within the umbrella mechanism of a SIPP ( self invested personal pension). Traded endowments lend themselves for the inclusion of a SIPP and for a better insight visit our port...Read more
Standard Life - Where to now?
James Moore in the Daily Telegraph last week reported at length that following a review of the Mutual by rating agency Fitch that in order to raise further workng capital Standard Life would almost certainly at some time in the near future think of de-mutualising. What a shame, Standard Life have ...Read more
Need more information about your policy?
Sometimes when selling a policy you do not have all the information required to hand, and as most Insurance Companies through their websites have online help desks, they are usually able to provide simple details such as current surrender values, and up to date bonus particulars.

To acces the web...Read more






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